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Integrated Marketing & Communications

This is one of the pillars of e-nvent, as we advocate the elaboration of integrated cross-media and cross-channel strategies, concepts and initiatives.

We believe that our clients need to take the necessary time to elaborate pragmatic, yet ambitious, Marketing & Communications strategies before planning any related activity. The development of successful Communications and Promotional Concepts is the natural follow-up of mentioned strategies.

e-nvent actively supports its clients in these fundamental activities by :

  • Developing & reviewing Integrated Marketing & Communications Strategies;
  • Elaborating Integrated Communications and Promotional Concepts;
  • Planning, realizing, operating, measuring and following-up initiatives.

e-nvent's services include :

  • Definition of the Visual Identity;
  • Definition of the Creative, Graphical and Editorial Directions;
  • Definition and build of Marketing & Communications web sites (Branded & Unbranded, Promotional, etc.), eCommerce platforms, B2C/B2B solutions and Interactive tools;
  • Elaboration and realization of Brochures, Newsletters, Yearly Reports and other Communication Materials (Print & Digital).

You can learn more about e-nvent's other services in relevant sections of this site.